Networking Opportunities

The Food Safety Consortium was built on a conversation. Peer to peer conversations, along with conversations between food safety solution providers and attendees, play significant roles in the Consortium experience.

Networking opportunities include:

  • Networking breaks are built into the program to help facilitate conversations.
  • The layout of the conference, including close proximity between presentations, exhibits and food and beverage, is designed to make networking easy.
  • Tools within the conference’s App help enable and enhance peer-to-peer and attendee-to-exhibitor connections.
  • Ask questions of any speaker at the end of their presentation, or if you see them on a break don’t hesitate to strike up a conversation.
  • Don’t be shy; strike up conversations with people you don’t know and use the show as a tool towards meeting new contacts and getting opinions and answers about real-life food safety challenges that face your organization.
  • Research the exhibitors before you go, and know which ones might be able to help your organization. Come armed with questions for them!

As great as the education is that’s provided by the speakers, the Consortium’s networking opportunities are what set it apart from other conferences and trade shows. Make sure you are prepared to take advantage of these great networking opportunities!